Top-Notch Demagnetizer Repairs

ELMATCO is the recognized leader for high-quality, cost-effective, state-of-the-art products. It’s a standard we’re proud to maintain, and we continually strive to improve our current product lines, manufacturing, and control processes. Part of that commitment is offering in-house demagnetizer repairs, as well as service for our diverse range of related products. We give you one easy call to make for the right results every time.

In order to deliver maximum safety and performance for our units, repairs to products must be made only at our facility in Chicago, Illinois. We track serial numbers and keep a complete history of each product we work on, enabling continuity of care across years of operation.

Standard Extended Pole Demagnetizer
Portable Demagnetizer

Committed to Your Safety

Customer safety is our greatest concern. Because of the highly technical nature of our products, repairs made by unauthorized parties may not only result in a product that performs poorly but may also expose the user to safety risks. We do not endorse any third-party service companies, so never settle when outside technicians offer alternative services.

An incorrectly performed or incomplete repair, incorrect components, or unauthorized modification can result in damage to the unit, damage to property, or injury. Only an ELMATCO service professional has the expertise and resources to repair your product according to its original design specifications. Additionally, we are unable to honor any warranty or accept any liability for damages unless all service rendered for a product comes from an authorized technician.

One reason we opt to keep repairs in-house is the need to deliver exceptional results, both for the product and the customer. In addition to ensuring optimal performance, we work quickly to reduce downtime and keep you operating at peak efficiency. We perform a complete inspection and evaluation of all products services. From there, you receive a quote, and work proceeds only upon your authorization. With your understanding and support, we can work together to make every repair picture-perfect.