Medical Demagnetizers Designed for Efficiency

NEUTROLATOR medical demagnetizers make the difference for medical professionals worldwide when it comes to surgical instrument demagnetization. The ELMATCO design can degauss single instruments or entire surgical trays, with features like energy-efficient technology, cool-to-the-touch handling, and easy-to-sanitize surfaces. We design our gear with you in mind, offering a diverse array of options and maintenance services based on continuous and emerging needs in the medical field.

Hand-Held Demagnetizer Intermittent Duty Model


The Trusted Solution

When health and safety are on the line, never settle for less than the best systems. ELMATCO medical demagnetizers see continuous use in sterile processing, operating rooms, cardiac, orthopedics, ophthalmologic, and many other departments. All devices include an operating instruction manual. In addition, the 120VAC devices include UL/CSA approved cord with hospital grade plug.

Demagnetizing with the NEUTROLATOR is a fast and easy process. Whether demagnetizing a single instrument or an entire tray of instruments, our approach is built around intuitive operation. Strung instruments can be demagnetized just as quickly and easily.

Designed specifically with the medical environment in mind, the NEUTROLATOR countertop medical demagnetizer is the first and only UL listed 120VAC 60Hz model of its kind.

Medical Demagnetizer

Medical Demagnetizer

Handheld Medical Demagnetizer

Handheld Medical Demagnetizer

Underwriters Laboratories is an OSHA accredited testing lab which has tested and listed the NEUTROLATOR product to ensure stringent safety requirements.

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