Servicing the industrial, metalworking, medical, and scientific industries for moreElectro Matic Building than 80 years, ELMATCO provides high-quality, cost-effective solutions for partners who demand the best our industry has to offer. Both stock and custom units are available.

Founded in 1938, our initial product was the first chuck control to effectively neutralize magnetism for ease of removing parts from the chuck. Our NEUTROL® chuck control revolutionized work holding in the grinding industry and contributed to increased factory productivity at a crucial moment in the history of global manufacturing. Our trademark NEUTROFIER® is synonymous for chuck controls industry-wide.

As pioneers in the field of demagnetizing, we introduced the first demagnetizers designed for the industrial environment. On the leading edge of demagnetizing technology, we developed an extensive product line of surface, loop, and custom demagnetizers designed for specific applications.

NEUTROLATOR® brand medical demagnetizers are field-tested and proven to be the go-to demagnetizing solution for medical and scientific environments. Our NEUTROLATOR countertop model is the first and only "UL Listed" device of its kind. DEGAUSSATRON® series demagnetizers use state-of-the-art digital technology to effectively demagnetize massive parts in a time-efficient manner. New energy-efficient units are available as we strive to contribute to a “Greener” environment. Always looking forward to the next leap in innovation, we help you stay on the frontier of efficiency.